Should kids under 16 be encouraged to date?

EagleHeadline | July. 28, 2017

With the increase in dating culture, I've seen 13 y/o kids getting into relationships and falling in love. When I was 13, 'love' was what my parents and siblings did to me. While many may argue that the kind of relationships pre-teens have is not an actual one, I still argue that such relationships should also not be encouraged. Why?

1. They distract a lot of time.

This is a stage where most of their focus should be inclines towards getting good grades and learning new skills, so as to build a strong foundation for the future. If they indulge in finding a partner, the newly found excitement will take up most of their time.

2. 'Heartbreaks.'

I've seen 12 year olds posting statuses that 'I'm done with dating.' Seriously, what? They don't even know what being in a relationship means and they take up so much on their heart due to 'heartbreaks'. While this may seem cute for us, what effect does it have on their mind?

3. Peer pressure and complexes.

These kinda things happen in highschool. But they're gradually shifting to middle schools where kids are no more kids. This innocent age is being affected. Already having rich gadgets and looking like a model, if this being in a 'relationship' becomes a fad, what will happen?

4. They're simply too young.

You never know when they take a next step they aren't supposed to. With the reach of internet, they might end themselves in trouble.

This is what I've on the top of my mind currently. Give your views, what do you think?

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