Joke : She's as old as the Hills...

jokes | July. 13, 2017

1. "That's an excellent essay for someone your age," said the English teacher. "How about for someone my Mum's age, Miss?"

2. "Welcome to school, Simon," said the nursery school teacher to the new boy. "How old are you?" "I'm not old," said Simon. "I'm nearly new."

3. Miss Jones agreed to be interviewed by Fred for the school magazine. "How old are you, maam?" asked Fred. "I'm not going to tell you that," she replied. "But Mr Hill the technical teacher and Mr Hill the geography teacher told me how old they were." "Oh well," said Miss Jones. "I'm the same age as both of them." The poor teacher was not happy when she saw what Fred wrote: Miss Jones, our English teacher, confided in me that she was as old as the Hills. "

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