Reasons why relationships are important

Relationship | July. 30, 2017

1.Sense Of Security: Relationships offer a sense of security. You tend to feel secure when you are in a relationship. Feeing secure in life is one of the most important needs after food, clothing and shelter.

2.Loneliness Is Pain: It is painful to lead a lonely life. A life surrounded by loved ones can be more fulfilling any day. This is the reason why we are programmed to fall in love and be with people.

3.Interdependence: This is the the role of relationships in our lives- co-operation. life involves interdependence. It is impossible to stay alone in this world and survive well. Even if you feel that you can be good all alone, a stage might come when you would feel the want of a partner to keep you happy.

4.Joy: Relationships bring both joy and sorrows. But still, many believe that the sorrows are worth the joys that relationships give us. This is why a majority of the people in this world believe in the institution of marriage.

5.Depression: Are relationships important? Well, research indicates that the risk of depression increases especially when a a person feels lonely in this world. Of course, there are some strong people who don’t need the company of anyone to live a happy life. But a majority of us would need someone to share our joys and sorrows.

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