Refuse special effects! 51-year-old Aamir Khan loses 25 kilograms in 5 months!

EagleHeadline | Jun. 18, 2017

With his 2008 action romance film Ghajini, actor Aamir Khan established two trends in the industry — innovative promotional campaigns and transformation of one's body to fit into the skin of the character, quite literally.

He creatively combined the two trends and instructed his PR machinery to release a video of his intense training schedule in the gym to build the enviable physique that he flaunted in AR Murgadoss' Ghajini. His character demanded this as he played a man suffering from short-term memory loss who scribbled clues on his body in order to reach the villain who murdered his beloved.

His next film Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots required him to play a college student so he underwent rigorous training yet again, but this time for weight loss. Khan has always been a method actor. Bulking up and then losing all the extra kilos is nowhere near a cakewalk but he has managed to do it on more than one occasion.

Now the makers of his next Nitesh Tiwari's Dangal have released a Fat to Fit video that traces Khan's transformation from a stout 97 kg man to a fit man flaunting six packs. However, this time Aamir invested double the efforts for a film as his biopic on wrestler Mahavir Phogat travels from his younger days as a formidable wrestler to his older days as the aged father of two teenagers.

"I suggested to the director that I should put on weight first as 80 percent of the film revolves around my fat avatar. Also, if I shoot those parts later then I will be left with no motivation to shed the extra kilos," says Khan who admits that his metamorphosis was extremely challenging, given the side effects of such a drastic change in body shape.

"I credit it to my team — nutritionist Dr Nikhil Dhurandhar from London and fitness trainers Rakesh Udiyar (the trainer of actor Salman Khan) and Rahul Bhatt (son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt)," says Khan. Though he was given the option of using a bodysuit instead of going through the ordeal of training, he chose to opt for the latter as he believed that the extra fat will also affect his breathing and body language which, in turn, will complement his performance on the screen.

Thus began his journey of weight gain which he thoroughly enjoyed. Gorging on junk food helped him reach the mark of 97 kg from 70 kg, with 38 percent body fat. However, it was followed by the exhausting phase of weight loss where he had to cut down to 9 pecent body weight. As the video suggests, his transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

He also issues a disclaimer stating that his metamorphosis was under the supervision of health experts and that he would not advise the same to anyone. While the health hazards associated with such a transformation could be lethal, we are surprised that Khan managed to pull it off, owing to his conviction and unflinching dedication towards method acting.

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