Hilarious replies of Nigerian fathers to ‘I love you’ messages

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

Father’s day was celebrated all over Nigeria on Sunday, June 18, 2017. For many Nigerians, it was a day to celebrate fathers and all the sacrifice and love they put into making a family work and stay together.

However, Nigerian fathers have their special quirks, so a digital agency based in Lagos, via its Twitter handle DigiEngageNG decided to put up a challenge: Tell your dad you love him and tell us what he says.

Some of the responses were hilarious. NAIJ.com collated the really funny ones for your reading enjoyment. Check them out below:

1. Why are you texting me?

One father’s reaction was to ask: Why are you texting at midnight? Where are you?

2. What did you do?

This father knows that sweet talk from his kids means she/he has done something wrong. So when the ‘I love you’ came, the next question was: ‘What did you do?’.

3. Don’t ask me for money

Is it true that Nigerian children only love their parents when they want money or favors? Well, this father certainly feels so. So, when the child said ‘I love you’, this was his response: Don’t ask me for money

4. Go and wash the house

If there is something Nigerian parents are well known for, it’s the way they love sending children on errands, from the necessary to the most infuriating. This time when his child said: ‘I love you’, the father came back with an errand: Go and wash the house

5. Have you eaten?

The average Nigerian will agree that the question: Have you eaten? Is the closest most parents will come to: ‘I love you’ and they are right.

6. Silence

Sometimes, they just do not know what to say to a declaration of love from their children. This person got the classic silence.

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