The right way to use massage to ease this throbbing pain

life tips | July. 30, 2017

Usually triggered by stress, allergies, poor posture, insomnia, dehydration and loads of other factors, it comes high uncomfortable. Migraine gets worse with movement (most times they last an average of 72 hours!) which can get in the way of being effective although symptoms vary from one person to the other.

When you have migraines, you don't get quality sleep and wake up tired most morning which eventually tells on the overall health.

A lot of lifestyle habits including poor posture, smoking, hormonal fluctuations, skipping meals and so on cause migraine but there are easy ways to keep in under control when they come:

A good old massage works great! A gentle massage (done yourself or by a professional)helps ease migraine headaches. Studies have shown massage as a very useful treatment for migraines. Massaging the temples and the head is know to block pain signals sent to the brain (the cause of migraines).

Do the massage using these steps:

1. Gently massage your head with your first two fingers in a circular motion

2. While massaging identify the pressure points -like the base of the skull, middle of the forehead (between the eyebrows) and corners of the eyes - massage and gently press on these areas to help relieve pain

3. Try as much as possible to not move much and continue till you get relief

Studies show regular massage help reduce the frequency as well as the duration of migraines.

Note that if migraines persist get medical help!

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