Amazing! I never knew this.

funny_facts | July. 06, 2017

1.Dolphins nap with one eye open.

2.In Mexico, the Tooth Fairy is known as the 'Tooth Mouse'.

3.Cleopatra married two of her brothers.

4.A Russian man who wore a beard during the time of Peter the Great had to pay a special tax.

5.One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television!

6.Goats do not have upper front teeth.

7.Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White holds the record for putting her hands together approximately 140,000 times to clap.

8.The IRS employees tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.

9.The original name for the butterfly was 'flutterby'!

10.In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die!

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