I quit my job and became a hand poke tattoo artist

gossip | July. 28, 2017

My name is Flori Green. In October 2015, I left Europe in quest of adventure.

I flew to Sri-Lanka and traveled 6 months through South East Asia. I met awesome people, I saw beautiful places and I started doing street art.

This is when I decided I could not work in an office or a “normal job” anymore. I wanted a life made of creativity.

One day, in Cambodia, my friend insisted for me to tattoo him. Not having any tattoo machine didn’t leave me with many options. Hand poke tattoo seemed perfect.

I tattooed more than 100 people in my first year of tattooing, in South-East Asia & in Europe. But what matters is not the quantity, it’s the quality. I always spend some time with each of my customer to design the perfect tattoo, matching their personalities and wishes.

Since then, I’ve never stopped tattooing and painting. I enjoy travelling the world & spreading my art. Not everyday is the same anymore.

Dream Big. And even Bigger.

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