Ha! What did Banky Wellington look like in a photoshoot? (video)

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

Talented Nigerian singer, Banky Wellington, has decided to give his fans something to talk about with the new photos released from a photoshoot.

The handsome young man who had his wedding introduction sometimes in May was transformed into an old man. He also made a video showing the process as the makeup artiste worked on his face.

These new photos of Banky W as an old man may very well be the weirdest pictures you have seen of the cute man. The transformation was done for a movie shoot and it changed the fine young man to an ugly guy with unkempt beards.

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Check out the pictures of the Nigerian singer below:

1. Transformation in progress

2. Banky with eyebags

3. Brown teeth and spots

4. Funny look

The video of Banky W being transformed into an old ugly man will make you laugh out loud:

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