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Tuko News | Jun. 29, 2018

It seems the great nation of Kenya has so many comedians who are still undercover and who have not yet discovered their talents. USIU is not your normal university in Kenya since it’s considered to enjoy a high-level standard of living. These USIU Africa memes will definitely give you a hearty laugh as they are based on the gap between the rich and not-so-well-off students in the country. USIU memes have been used in a hilarious way to express the views of Kenyans across the divide through this private university. Note that the contradicting situations and class differences portrayed in these memes aren't the actual situations, and most have been created for the purpose of humor.


Kenyans recently came up with several Twitter USIU memes to challenge and make fun of the self-proclaimed Americans at USIU- Africa with best USIU memes on how the students observe a certain economic class. These hilarious USIU memes turned out to be very resourceful.

USIU trending memes explain how the things and languages a middle-class citizen would consider acceptable in the society are considered a taboo in the institution. Students in the institution would wonder what you are talking about or why you are using such language which to them, is unacceptable.

These funny USIU memes talk about the students' and the management of the institution's day to day activities. Even the USIU exams memes explain the difference in their quality of education from other institutions in the country.

USIU demo memes illustrate how public universities wonder how the USIU comrades conduct their demos with peace and argue that they do so since they are still kids. Here are some of the funniest USIU memes;

1. Means of transport to school

Almost every student at USIU owns a car. If you can’t use your car for one reason or another, then the least means of transport you are expected to use should be Uber taxi services. You must maintain class at all costs, and informing your crush that you arrived at the school on a motorbike in front of his friends is embarrassing, to say the least.

2. Lunchtime at USIU

Githeri (a mixture of maize and beans) is a staple food for most Kenyans. Actually, most people will consider it for lunch since its price is quite pocket-friendly. USIU students are not left out, and they will use a different language to get the same type of food. They do this because they believe their social status is up there and if you try to bring it down, they will all be utterly amazed.

3. Biscuits and cookies

It’s considered rude to ask for biscuits other than cookies in a USIU canteen. These two terms can be used to refer to food products baked using wheat flour, but in USIU, the word 'cookies' is preferred over 'biscuits' since its considered more classy.

3. Spring break

Every student in campus will tell you that they have closed for long holidays, but in USIU, it’s incorrect to say that. Spring break is a vacation where schools and universities take in early spring in the United States, and because USIU is a self-proclaimed American university, spring break is the correct term the students should use while referring to long holidays.

4. Mexican salsa

Basically, kachumbari is salad consisting of uncooked chopped tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers mixed together. It’s popular to most African cuisines and Kenyans would not have nyama choma or a plate of chips without kachumbari. Mexican salsa has no difference with kachumbari, but it’s unacceptable to use a low life language in the University.

5. How to refer to your parents

Folks refer to a certain group of people who may not necessarily be your biological or adopted parents. Nevertheless, for you to belong to the USIU standard, then you must refer to your parents as folks to avoid trouble as seen in the above photo.

6. When things get tough

Sheng has been used for quite some time, and it seems to be used as a national language alongside Swahili and English. USIU would hear none of it. In this institution, one must use proper English language whenever you make a conversation whether in the office, class or while just having a good time with your friends. Using Sheng as a mode of communication can cost you a lot, including a group of people coming together just to pray for you to shun using this 'terrible' language.

7. Who is your favorite DJ

David Guetta is a DJ, songwriter, record producer, and remixer who has sold over 9 million albums; thus it’s believed that USIU crew would not hesitate to be associated with him.

8. Turned up

In USIU, you deserve to be shunned for not using the correct language. It does not matter where you are, the audience you are addressing, or what the topic is, proper language must be observed.

9. DJ Demakufu

Martin Owaka, aka DJ Demakufu, is a Kenyan DJ whose best works have been experienced in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. His mixes are normally played in public service vehicles in the city as well as in some nightclubs. No one expects you to have heard about this determined DJ if you study in USIU since most of his mixes are considered as a common mwananchi’s (citizen) favorite.

10. Kidney beans with Indian flatbread

‘Madondo’ is a Sheng word, simply referring to Kenya’s beans stew mostly served with rice or chapatti. This word, however, is unacceptable to use to refer to the same stew in USIU. If you are a student at USIU, you must be careful with such words to avoid scaring your fellow students.

11. USIU comrade

A student who probably doesn’t meet the qualities of most of USIU students will definitely be very lonely and bored. Come to think of the joy such students would feel if they met with other students with the same qualities. It must be jubilation and excitement all the way.

12. What’s popping my peeps

Sheng, a mixed language of Swahili and English, originated from the urban underclass of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. It has influenced many Kenyans who use it as a form of communication, but not in USIU where it’s considered a low-life language. ‘Itakuaje’ is a Sheng word mostly used by a group of people to catch up or just know what’s happening around them. Interestingly, the meme above argues that police could be called to arrest you if you are overheard asking your fellow students such a question in Sheng.

13. USIU student tweets

As the name goes, most students in USIU are expected to use US Standard English, and their pronunciations of most words will not be what you hear on a day to day scenario. Even when one is enjoying a common dish in Kenya, he has to put in such a way which meets the standards of the USIU class.

14. Ladies new look

It’s argued that in USIU, everything is up-to-standard. A lady from a remote part of the country who joins this campus without knowing how to apply makeup will learn and transform very fast, and within no time, she will have changed to a princess, making it quite difficult to recognize her.

15. Can’t fathom

‘Digehota’ is a word derived from Kikuyu, a language spoken by one of the ethnic tribes in Kenya. It’s mainly used by people to say they are not able to do something or they don’t agree with it. In USIU, for people to understand what you mean, you better say you can’t fathom whatever is being discussed.

16. Retweeting on Twitter

If you are a student in this privileged institution, you must observe the language you use even when responding to a tweet from your fellow students. It’s fascinating because even how you laugh when in this institution could cost you a lot.

17. Poor boy in USIU

This picture portrays what could happen to you during a rainy season in USIU in case you don’t own a car and you have to walk home after classes.

18. Street demos

This came after USIU went to the streets to demonstrate land grabbing. The demos were peaceful and organized and could not be compared to the demos conducted by their counterparts from public universities. This did not settle well with the other universities and as usual, they went on Twitter to challenge and criticize them.

19. Peaceful street demos

Kenyans on Twitter reacted by comparing how public universities in Kenya conduct their demos with violence and disrupt the city’s daily activities. A USIU demo about a grabbed piece of land was so peaceful and it did not stop vehicles movement in the busy Thika Super Highway. Their counterparts made fun of them and claimed that USIU students were demonstrating online.

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