Plateau crisis: Tonto Dikeh offers to give corp members money to transport themselves back home to avoid danger

Daily Information | Jun. 28, 2018

In consideration of the innocent corp members who were posted to the state for their National Youth Service Corp programme, King Tonto as she is popularly called has offered to release funds for them to transport themselves back home to avoid danger.

Sharing the photo above, she wrote ;

Hello my lovely people. This past week has been filled with sad and shocking news from the very heart of our nation Jos. I would like to send my condolences to the people affected directly and indirectly. I would also like to help out in any little way I can.

I fear for some of the NYSC participants in these areas. If you are serving in the crisis areas or know anyone affected and possibly stranded please let me know.

I will give out 150K BETWEEN 10 PEOPLE for them to use and transport themselves out of these areas to avoid any potential danger. DROP A COMMENT And then DM me evidence of your location and evidence of service and I will respond accordingly.

Please this is solely for the corpers in the affected areas. No fraudulent request please! Have a heart in these sad times. After this I will be addressing methods we can use in helping the affected victims and their families. Sticking together is our only way out.


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