How to avoid looking tired?

life tips | July. 21, 2017

Try a Little Eyeliner Magic

New York City-based makeup artist Laura Mercier perks up models at early-morning photo shoots by rimming their inner, upper lash lines with navy. “It make the whites of their eyes seem brighter,” she says. White is the liner color of choice for singer Katy Perry, 24, who’s learned it’s not easy to get shut-eye when you’re promoting a hit album (One of the Boys) and spending nights on a tour bus. She swipes it onto her inner, lower lids. The white helps offset redness, she says; “catnaps help too.”

Glow With Gravity

Kathleen Baird-Murray, 40, author of the new novel Face Value, does a backbend when she’s tired. “It gets me going,” she says, “and brings a flush to my face.” You could also hang your head over the side of your bed for a few seconds.

Do a Ponytail Face-Lift

Pulling your hair into a high, tight one literally gives your face a little lift, so you look refreshed, says Paris-based runway hairstylist Odile Gilbert.”

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